Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My Floatie

It's been so hot here during the day with temperatures regularly peaking above 113. It's not as fun as it sounds. However, one of the advantages to the extreme heat during the day is the lovely warm nights. Living in New England for so long, I'd grown accustomed to bringing a cardigan or little jacket out with me on summer evenings. Even in the middle of August, night brings a chill in New Hampshire.

Here in Phoenix, though, summer nights are warm. One of my favorite things to do lately is walk down to our neighborhood pool with some friends, a cooler and my floatie. Recently I got one of these:


It's hard for me to express how much I love this floatie. Its mesh bed is light and non-rubbery, letting the water flow freely along the backs of my legs, and the pillow is perfectly shaped and covered in silky nylon. At night, when it's quiet and calm, I lay in my floatie with a cocktail in-hand and watch the stars circling around a sky that, for a moment, seems just for me.

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Anonymous said...

You made me crave relaxation via floatation device so strongly, Miss Brita. I crave, now, looking up at the endless, starry sky.