Sunday, July 01, 2007

Juicy Aesthetic

It's been a while, eh? I really have no excuse for not posting the last couple of weeks. Not that I need one, I mean the whole point of blogging is writing by your own rules, right? I'm just saying that if I did need an excuse for my absence around here, I'd be lacking.

I've been spending my days at the pool, in my tent and on my new Mac. That's right, world, I got a Mac! I love its sleek and smooth design, the soft keys and the seamless interface. Oh, Mac, how I heart thee. I started learning Photoshop and have been absorbed with the magnetic lasso and the gradient tool.

To give you just a taste of the productive measures I've been taking with my new computer, I'm posting a collage I made. Personally, I think its quite a study in taste and refinement.

photoshop collage

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amy said...

i am so jealous! when i got my ipod, i stuck the little apple stickers on my dell laptop...wishing and hoping that someday i'll join the mac club...enjoy it, girlie!