Wednesday, December 05, 2007

From the Kitchen Tabe

It's far too purple around here right now, she knows. She is sitting with me, chained to her job right now. While taking a break and playing around with photoshop, she made this new titlebar. Unfortunately, she doesn't have time right this second to fix all the text colors. So busy....

At least there is music and coffee and an occasional visitor through the kitchen to give her a shoulder rub or wipe the beads of sweat from her forehead. Sometimes, the visitors even take her out for beers and heckling of bar flies; these things make her forget the pile of to-do's that are waiting for her and cluttering up my surface.

Here is a picture of her sitting with me. Naturally, she didn't include me in the picture. It's always about her!


Why is she working from my surface and not a proper desk? It's a long story but one that will have a happy ending soon enough. Actually, despite all of her whining, things are going very well. There is much in the works and things are in motion; overall her disposition is sunny.

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