Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Home Place

Boy, moving is a process! Don't ask me why I keep doing it every year. Well, actually do ask me. I love exploring the west like this. Colorful Colorado is fantastic so far and I'm beyond excited to finally be a full-fledged resident of my favorite state.

I moved into a building that's about 90 years old. It used to be a hotel but now it's apartments. Cleaning this place is going to be a continuous project. I do have to say that there has been some major progress made in this place over the past week and a half. Here's a tour of my new digs for your viewing pleasure.


Come on in and sample one of the many micro brews available at the corner store. My favorite today is 96 Shilling from O'dells. Also loving the Rising Moon ale from Blue Moon.


My build-in spice rack. Sweet!


living room 2

My little breakfast nook.


PingPong loves the sunshine in his new spot. I think he likes being in my office, next to me all day. He especially likes causing a ruckus while I'm on the phone.

Office 1

Another awesome built-in.
Office Bookshelf

Ah, so peaceful.


So, here I am, all moved in. I've got a great feeling abut this new homeplace; I think I'm really going to like it here.


123Valerie said...

Oh, B! Talk about a "home sweet home!" I'm so happy for you, doll!

Fiddle*sticks said...

It looks gorgeous! Congratulations on your new home. Did the job change, or were you just transferred? I noticed the music stand in the corner. How's fiddling coming?

amy said...

LOVE it. I'm so happy for you!

Randa said...

I love your place -- both the apartment itself (loads of character!) and how you decorate. Very peaceful and earthy and minimalist, and with personality.