Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hey Brita

It never fails that when I get into a funk about things not going my way, I am reminded how surprising and beautiful this life is. I am a lucky, lucky girl for many reasons, but today it's because I absolutely have the best friends in the world. Even though most of them live millions of miles away from me, they lift me up and give me perspective on how blessed we are in this life. There really is no point in getting sucked in the aforementioned cycle of shit.

Just now, I was knocked way over backwards with a big, beautiful smile thanks to my dear friend Ms. Valerie March. If you haven't heard it yet, check out the kick-ass song she just posted. It's about yours truly. There are many other beautiful songs on her site and you will be enraptured. Val has the voice of angels and a spirit to match.

If your band would like to cover this tune, and I know they would, please get permission from the artist herself.

Thanks, Valerie. I love you dearly.

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amy said...

Wow - you have your very own song...You are officially the coolest kid I know!

Don't let life get ya down, girl. We all have our days when it does, but you gotta bounce back, cause you're Brita and that's what you do! Love ya.