Monday, March 31, 2008

Beer of the Week: Wynkoop Chile Beer

Gosh, beer of the week is turning into beer of the month. I just can't keep up with a new beer every seven days. Maybe I'll turn April into beer month and, for your reading pleasure, make note of something new each week.

I had an really interesting beer last night at Wynkoop Brewery that deserves a note for originality. It's called Patty's Chile Beer and the brewery actually toss anaheim chiles into the beer as it's brewing.

This beer smells chile than it tastes, which is a good thing. The taste is really an afterthought and you get a little tingling in the throat as an aftertaste. And, it's definitely got a green chile nose, not a red. I think I would have liked it more if the chile were of a different variety. I'm not a huge fan of anaheim peppers, though I guess it would be harder to achieve this kind of taste with an habenaro or a serrano since they're much smaller and have more heat than flavor.

This is a beer that is definitely better with food. I had it with a buffalo burger and that was nice. So, while this chile beer wouldn't be my first choice for a night out carousing with friends, I do think this would make an excellent accompaniment to a bloody mary during Sunday brunch.

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