Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mavis Beacon Would Be Proud

When I was in 7th or 8th grade, my family got our first computer. I remember sitting for hours playing Mah-jong and Minesweeper. My parents bought us one of those learn-to-type programs. It was called Mavis Beacon and I spent hours playing that thing. Mavis taught us where the home keys lived and which fingers should punch which buttons. I took to typing quickly and loved trying to beat my own high scores.

I think I get this from my Grandma, who was quite the speedy typer back in her day. I remember writing my first resume and including my typing speed right there near the top. Do people still do that?

The point of this post is that I recently came across this website called Typeracer where you can test you skillz. Mavis Beacon would be proud to know her young prodigy topped out right around 100 wpm yesterday. My average is more in the mid 80's. This typeracer is quite addictive which is why I'm blogging about it instead of racing right now.

In the comments section, tell me your top speed.


123Valerie said...

Typing is the single-most valuable thing I ever learned. Word.

Leah said...

86 wpm! Yeah, baby. Some people on there are crazy!