Friday, April 17, 2009

Dirty Dog

After a long puddle-jumping walk in the rain.


Leah said...

Your dog IS kind of like Coco -- although in a less manly sort of dog way :). I replied to your comment on my blog, but I may as well post it here too. Coco is a cross between a Chow Chow and a Nova Scotia Ducktoller (kind of like a small retriever). I see Ducktoller in your dog a bit. Do you know your dog's breed?
Also - I didn't know you had a dog! I thought you were all about the turtles! :) (How is your little guy, by the way?)

Brinkidink said...

Hey Cibi,

Kaya is actually Nick's dog--I've just recently adopted her now that her dad and I are engaged. Haha. PingPong is doing better. He goes to the vet every week for treatment to get the rocks moving and it seems to be working somewhat...though it's getting quite expensive! Ahhh, pets....