Wednesday, February 23, 2005


My cat's name is Jahrobi, we call him Obi for short. He wears a perma-tux (permanent tuxedo). The perma-tux gives the illusion of grandeur and grace. This is usually smashed to hell though as soon as the little bugger trips over his own feet or falls clumsily off the back of the couch. I adore him madly, with all my freaky-cat-lady heart.

I'm beginning to get a little bit worried though about one of his newfound interests--the toilet. As soon as Obi hears me enter the bathroom, he promptly joins me. Usually, he has the dignity to let me do my thing in peace while he sits in the window or lounges on the bathmat. However, as soon as he senses the deed is done, he's right next to me. At the sound of the flush his little tux paws are on the seat peering intently down. He is so damn curious about the flush.

I hate to admit it, but I've also found him headfirst lunging into the commode for a drink now and then. This completely grosses me out as no respectable cat would be caught dead drinking water out of the toilet--that's got to be just for dogs right? I can only scold him when I catch him in the act and hope that this poop and pee fascination wears with age.

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