Thursday, March 31, 2005

bluegrass and sunshine

today is the kind of day where i want to be barefoot on a hill listening to bluegrass and soaking up sunshine. i need to hear 'polka on the banjo' or 'old home place'. i want to twirl with my girlfriends and steal kisses from my boyfriend. i want to camp by a creek and drink whisky all night. it's just not quite that season yet here though so i am consigned to wait.

things in my little world are good. i feel pretty content with life right now. there are things i wish i could change like the state of my parents' relationship, my boyfriend's health, my financial situation. but these things i have no control over and must let go. it's really hard for me to let things go, to cast them off into a pink bubble, to leave them up to god. usually as soon as i make that leap of faith and allow the universe to take over though, my burdens are lifted and i can focus my energy and spirit on things that matter like friends and love and twirling.

i cannot wait for summer time. things come alive here when the weather improves. people begin to emerge from their winter hibernations. creativity is inspired. music is all around. the beach becomes second nature. i miss the beach like crazy. here in New Hampshire, there are only a few fleeting months where we can relax in comfort and sunshine on the sand. there is beauty there year-round, but during the summer months you can hang out for more than 30 minutes without the wind freezing your eyelashes off.

i love new england. we get all four seasons--some are painfully longer than others. winter is brutal but it makes me appreciate the inherant beauty of spring, summer, and fall here. the weather is something that's totally out of my control. it's been a nice winter with plenty of snow, plenty of comfort food, plenty of love to spread. and now, the season is really changing. i heard multiple birds outside my window this morning. the snow is slowly receeding and the sunshine is bringing more warmth with it. and since the changing of the seasons is up to mother nature, i'll sit and enjoy my morning tea and granola patiently dreaming of that first 60 degree day.

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