Monday, March 28, 2005

easter extravaganza

i survived another weekend at home and another family holiday gathering. our family get-togethers are often themed. my mother can't help but be inspired by a theme when planning an event. it usually translates to big hats, playful decorations, tons of food, and a bit too much to drink. this time our theme was 'tropical easter' which did not disappoint. we had easter dinner on saturday night to accomodate schedules and let me tell you the meal was something else; we had crab legs that were at least a foot long along with various salads and a mango cheeseball. my contribution was a giant rice krispie treat shaped into an easter bunny. easter baskets came in the form of beach buckets filled with tropically inspired goodies and a cd that takes the listener straight to the shores of Ipanema. the family got along for the most part without too many guilt trips, temper tantrums, or underhanded agendas. we actually had a pretty good time.

i did my part as supportive friend and accompanied my roommate to church on easter sunday. since nobody in my family except my sister who lives far away in Indiana regularly attends service, we turned to the internet for spiritual guidance. it led us to a small assembly of god chruch offering a bonus mini-musical during sunday service. i've never been to a friendlier church in all my life. at least 10 people came up and introduced themselves to us. these people were so sweet and sincere in their welcome i hesitated blogging the experience at all. i really don't want to eternally damn myself anymore than i already have so i think i'll sum up the event with one image for you: an extra-long recorder solo during the offering. it was all very amusing and heart warming at the same time. while i'm definitely not a fan of the used-car salesman technique for spreading the gospel (try Jesus for 30 days and you won't be disappointed), i would like to extend my thanks to the sweet little congregation for opening themselves up to us wayfaring travelers.

needless to say, after all the family craziness and 2 hours of hand-waving praise to the reiging god Jesus Christ, i'm happy to be back in my own world where i throw the temper tantrums and all gods are created equal.

pictures to follow.

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