Friday, March 25, 2005


it really sucks when you're 26 years old and your parents separate.

i love both of my parents very much and want them both to be happy. it's very hard to watch them go through this awful process of moving out, splitting up the furniture, and hashing out all the pent-up emotional issues. it's also very weird to be watching them go through this at my adult age. i love the relationship i have with my parents now. as most kids do growing up, i resented them for just about everything possible. i was mortified when my mom would pick me up from school in our gigantic conversion van. i hated the fact that my dad always made me come home earlier than everyone else. i really resented them when they grounded me for an entire summer, after my first year of college, when they found my pot smoking paraphenalia. but over the years, i've forgiven them as i know they were just trying their best to raise three smart and healthy kids. i now consider them confidants, i look to them for advice and help and comfort.

and so, i find myself in a very weird situation now that they are separating. i don't want to take sides, i don't want to get in the middle of their arguments. i just want them to take their own advice and be respectful adults here. it would be so much easier if they would just accept this change and move on with their lives. i guess, after 26 years of marriage though, it's just not that easy.

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