Thursday, March 17, 2005

excitebike 2

boy, nothing sucks up time like a new-to-me nintendo 64 game. i've recently been making-up for the fact the only video game player we ever had was the classic NES. my brother, sister, and i played the shit out of "street fighter" and "treasure island" everyday after school. we loved that special little grey box like it was a fourth sibling right up until the sad day it stopped responding to our attempts at resusitating the dusty game port.

there was something about video games that really brought out the violent nature hiding deep beneth the imaginaive play our parents had instilled in us since birth. it always happened that at the very most crutial point in the game, right before that last fireball was thrown from mario's little fingers, the 'a' button would malfunction. the controller would then be hurled across the room taking out vases and shattering picture frames. of course, we had a very healthy appetite for competition, always wanting to outdo the other. but, you'd better be ready to haul ass if you physically taunted a fellow player. if one should cause mario to accidentally fall down a hole or into a lava pit by applying the volkan neck pinch or poking the player with a coat hanger, one would surely be the victim of a controller to the skull. the corners on those things were much sharper than you remember.

nowadays though, i've found that video games can be a very nice distraction from the rest of the world. sometimes, i don't want to do dishes, clean out the kitty litter, or answer the phone. sometimes my mind is too preoccupied to read a book or there aren't any rerun episodes of 7th heaven or the gilmore girls on the family channel. it is on those days that i love to pop in a little excitebike 2 or mario 64 when i know instantly i will have an outlet for my anger and lots of pretty colors to look at. ha! maybe i just need ridilin.*

*many of the behaviours categorized in this post are characterist signs of indigo children. if you were born between 1975 and 1995, you might be an indigo child. if you feel angry towards society or the government, or were raised on school lunches, please sober up immediately and stop playing video games so you can get started on saving this world from corruption (as you were born to do). for more information, please read this month's edition of sacred pathways which can be found at your local hosiltic herbal supply shop or yoga studio.

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Anonymous said...

you are the best! i can totally relate to this, love your sista K