Friday, March 04, 2005

irrational female syndrome kicking in

I think I've done a pretty good job at avoiding Irrational Female Syndrome (IFS) thus far in my adult life. I handle crises with a relatively clear head, I am as even-keel as they come when it comes to confrontations, and I actually enjoy the challenges of my work. And with relationships I have always been known to be calm, cool, and collected--providing all the space in the world, never seeking approval, not needing or wanting excessive phone conversations, and most importantly reserving tears for moments when truly warranted.

Lately, however, I've fallen off the wagon. I've been diagnosed with full-fledged IFS. This has resulted in the following disgruntled activities (about none of which I'm am proud):

1. over-reactive email to mother telling her to keep out my biznass, causing her to 'cancel Easter' as we know it.
2. crying at the drop of a hat, glove, scarf, or any other winter accessory.
3. mentally accusing boyfriend of not loving me anymore while he is working his ass off and trying to focus on making a better life for himself (and me) thereby shutting him out when he needs me most.
4. cleaning every inch of my living space.
5. eating every rice-krispie-like treat that comes within arms reach.

I'm not exactly sure how to cure this case of IFS, though it must be done soon or all the important people in my life will run like cheetas over the plains to get away from my mood swings. I'm hoping that a night out with the girls including some wine (okay, a lot of wine) and some laughter will help bring my perspective back into perspective.

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