Saturday, March 19, 2005


i've been nesting this weekend. i'm not sure what it means, but my ocd side is totally having a blast.

-wash all baseboards
-visit bj's, if only for cheap snickers and cat food
-scrub the toaster until i can see my reflection in it
-buy easter cards to family
-research health issues
-do laundry
-alphabetize dvds
-eat heady tortellini
-repair ceiling
-try to figure out movable type installation (wtf?)
-watch gilmore girls
-dust mantle, rearrange pictures and vases a-symmetrically
-drink tea
-make chicken casserole
-write blog
-shake out rugs
-gather all unnecessary clutter, hide in junk closet
-rearrange junk closet
-dig cat poop out of the house plant, scold cat
-get keys made
-do laundry
-read business plan planning info
-fix the sad, sad pididle

i'm glad there's still snow on the ground or i think i'd be out in the yard trying to vacuum out the flower bed.


Leah said...

what's the sad, sad pididle?

anything to do with a lonely headlight?

brinki dink said...

Yeah, I was running around with one headlight for way longer than I should have.

Reading back, I can't believe there was still snow on the ground in March. I guess you guys probably get a lot of it up there too.

Leah said...

wow, is it ever great to be able to procrastinate at work! i don't know what i would do if i didn't have access to the internet! ha!

as for snow in march, most of the rest of Canada may have, but i live on the southern tip of Vancouver Island and we rarely get snow in March. in fact we rarely get any snow all winter, which i miss because i grew up in northern British Columbia. if it does snow here the entire southern half of the Island shuts down and nobody leaves their houses because there are no snowplows and no one owns a snow shovel! ha, fools!
from the sounds of your posts, new england sounds like a lovely place. i've always wanted to visit there, but my visits to the US have been somewhat limited. i've been down the entire west coast, of course - being from BC. and we dipped into some states on our way home from Newfoundland a few years ago- i don't remember exactly which ones we were in, but at the very least we hit North Dakota, Michigan and, i think, Indiana. (i don't know if that makes any sense) we came through from Toronto and then headed back into Canada at Saskatchewan.
just thought i'd fascinate you with that little tale!
anyway one day i'd like to see the deep south and then make my way up the east coast, and then back across Canada again - that was an amazing trip.
now, back to work!