Wednesday, March 02, 2005


okay, so if it you don't already think i'm a nut job (after reading my spick-and-spam room poem) you certainly will after you read my next confession. i finally bought a computer (that's not the crazy part). after doing a ton of reading and researching reviews and prices and sales and rebates, i decided on the dell inpiron 9200. i ordered it yesterday and (here comes the nutty part) keep visiting the web site to look at it. i review the features over and over again, imaining how wonderful it's going to look on the desk in my newly cleaned and organized room. i think about the mental to-do list i have going--write poems, write blogs, design web site, write business plan, research, manage music, etc. i can't wait to get started on this new phase of my life, a connected and creative and all together fabulous new beginning.

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