Friday, April 22, 2005

government mule

last night zack and i went to see Government Mule at the Hampton Casino Ballroom. the show was pretty good, the crowd was even better. it was like being at the Fryeburg Fair only with less cotton candy and more mullets. i love seeing real live mullets on heads which actually prefer this hairstyle. i'd never been to the Casino Ballroom and i have to say i fell in love at first sight. the big open floor, the barn like alcoves, the smoking porch. the walk down the Hampton strip is priceless though all the skee ball shooters and arcades are still closed for the off-season. this place is classic; i can't wait until summertime when it really starts bumping. i'd better hurry-up and get myself some lace-up leather pants and tube top.

i'm exhaustified now though and ready to take a nap under my desk. i just can't hang anymore. these days if i get any less than 7 hours of sleep i'm a walking zombie. it's pathetic, but true.

peace be with you internet. tgif.

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