Monday, April 11, 2005


i've been whining and complaining for weeks about the slow onset of spring here in new england and the fact that the only nice days have been on weekdays when i'm stuck inside my cubicle.

i guess all my complaining to mother nature was finally heard and this weekend, spring arrived in full force. the weather was a balmy 60 degrees, the ocean breeze was soft and supple. the sun shone brilliant all day.

what did i do to celebrate?

i shopped. inside. all day.

the urge hit me on Friday night. i looked inside my closets (yes, that's plural) and saw my tattered rags from last summer. i knew immediately I couldn't possibly outfit myself in the faded, holey, shrunken tees and tube tops I sported last summer. i had to get new things and fast.

it was glorious to see all the bright colors popping off the hangers, the shapes and styles calling out to me. needless to say i did a bit of damage. but, i needed to do it. i've been uber good about not spending money on clothes so it was bound to happen eventually. i have to say though that i'm thrilled with my new spring wardrobe which is full of pretty dresses and flowy skirts, expressive jewelry, and hot tops.

and, to compensate for my disregard of the beautiful weather on Saturday, i spent the entire day on Sunday outside. i can't even describe how wonderful it was to actually soak up the sun romping around in the woods yesterday. zack and i spent the afternoon sitting on rocks by the bay, swinging on the big tree swing, and walking the paths dreaming about having a dog one day to accompany us. i love him so much it hurts sometimes. we also barbequed for the first time this year which was heavenly. yum!

the sun is shining and i feel like a new woman today.

happy spring!

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