Wednesday, April 06, 2005

computer drama, part deux

i knew something like this would happen. a person like me doesn't make $1,400 purchases on credit and have things run smoothly when i still owe a whopping chunk of money to big corporations. it just doesn't happen. i knew, as soon as i pulled the shiny silver laptop out of it's styrafoam cushion that this little light of mine needed protection. it was in my hands--my clumsy, communal, forgetful hands.

i knew my friends would want to use it and, though i was hesitant, i decided i should share (afterall i've been using other people's computers since about 1999). i gave everyone fair warning that if they should so much as reset the wallpaper, their typing fingers would be mine. i even set up limited allowance user accounts for them, knowing they'd be tempted to click on pop-ups or download Snood.

i've spent the past few glorious weeks showing her off to friends. trying to keep her safe from spills, power outages, and cat tomfoolery. somehow, though, someone sneaked through the cracks of what i thought was a fullproof security system.

the culprit--visiting dog who likes to chew power cords.
the cost -- $30.00
the wait -- one week

i guess you might say i've failed as a new laptop owner to keep my precious newborn safe from the viscious harm of the outside world. i would say you are wrong though. that dog had it out for me from the beginning with his snout in the cat dish and his tail whacking my shins. don't be fooled people! he appears to be a very sweet dog. just don't get too close to the tooth or it will bite you in the ass.

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