Tuesday, May 31, 2005

a mooving weekend

i think just about everyone i know moved this weekend. i remember lots of boxes, scrubbing, dusting, arranging, screwdrivers, shimmying furniture, drinking beer, grill assembly--oh my. it's kind of a blur. i have to say though that it is so much easier to move when it's not you who's doing the moving. there's something very fun and empowering being able to sweep into a situation, identify the sweaty and disheveled mover, and valiantly put together their futon or scrub out their fridge. it's all about those jobs you know they aren't going to have the energy to do after packing up everything they own and having to haul it somewhere new.

funny how one minute you live in your house with all your stuff organized (or not) in one place, where the scents and sounds are familiar, where you recognize your neighbors, and know exactly what the corner store sells and does not sell. and then the next minute, you've up and moved all your stuff to somewhere new. you sleep in a new place, start new routines, and essentially get a new outlook on life.

it's great to see my friends growing up, falling in love, building lives. walking out my good friend's door to see cows and mountains in maine is so fucking awesome! i'm so grateful to be a part of that and i'm definitely excited for new places to play this summer. it also makes me desperately want to paint and make some changes to our place (i'm thinking taupe, blue, and black!).

moving would be so horrendous without the support of friends, good food, and lots of beer. so, congrats to all my friends in their new houses. i love you all dearly (although i doubt any of you will actually read this).

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