Wednesday, June 01, 2005

in through the out door

the sun seems to be making an appearance so that's nice, even if i only get to experience it through glass. only 8 more days until i leave for Bonnaroo! damn, this girl needs a vacation badly.

i feel like i've been strewn all over the past month--breaking up with a boy you thought you'd spend forever with is not easy. that's why i've decided i'm not doing it again. next time a boy waxes poetic about his undying love for me, i'll be smart enough to tell him to stuff a sock in it. at least until he's sure of who he is and what he wants out of life. shit. i wonder what made me so delerious in my last relationship.

i guess it might be time for me to start dating again, or at least getting out there and see what this town has to offer. part of me is excited to be entering this new, free existence. i don't have to answer to anyone or consider anybody else's schedule when making plans. it's kind of nice to have my evenings to myself, to come home schlackered from the bar, to peruse cutie boys at the beach. i have time to write and to read and to sleep. life goes on and it ain't half bad when you get to live where i do.

so, i'm going to be spending the next 8 days majorly hydrating myself, trying to flatten out my abs a bit, and fakely establishing some kind of base tan so my little shoulders don't fry in the hot Tennessee sun!


Allison said...

girlie--freedom has it's kickes.

enjoy your vacation,
you mucho deserve it

Anonymous said...

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