Wednesday, June 08, 2005


i went to cvs on my lunchbreak. for those of you who might not know me that well, i love drugstores. there is something intoxicating about the fluorescent lights illuminating the hair dyes, deodorants, and lotions lined neatly on the shelves. i love to peruse the aisles looking for the newest product to knock my socks off. i love the make-up aisle especially. all the colors and choices, i love to compare prices and product between brands. i'm always drooling over the newest nail polish colors and lip tints.

today though, my focus was on the travel (or trial) size product section. i'm lucky in that the cvs in my town has a large array of products available in travel sizes and they're all just 99 cents*. i started imaging myself lugging the weight of all my full sized necessities and having to deal with bottles that accidentally pop open. so, i smartly invested in a few travel sized essentials. i was particularly tickled to find mini dove soaps and a teeny-tiny johnson & johnson's baby shampoo, what luck! the little toothpastes and miniature mouthwashes were too adorable to resist. in total, i ended-up spending roughly $20 on traveling toiletries.

here is the list (in case you aren't asleep already):

  • mini shampoo
  • mini soaps (2)
  • mini toothpaste
  • new toothbrush (full-sized)
  • mini sunblock
  • aloe (full sized)
  • mini bug spray--this is very cute!
  • alieve (full sized)
  • mini tube of tums
  • mini pack of q-tips
  • mini pack of kleenex
  • mini pack of band-aids
  • mini mouthwash
  • mini deodorant

*for some odd reason i could have sworn that a standard keyboard had a key with the cents symbol.

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*em* said...

you know, that bugs me too. does no one use the cents symbol anymore??? why did they take it off? and, for that matter, what key was it even on to begin with?

i'm feelin' old.