Tuesday, June 21, 2005

new addition (now with pictures)

A contemplative Obi.

Last night we got a new addition to our fold. Her name is Fuggles and she is a beauty. She's a petite white and grey tabby and she's not sure what to make of our place yet. Obi's intrigued and wants desperatly to make friends. He follows her around sniffing at her hiney and pawing her back. Fuggles is staying with us while her owners are in the process of moving. I hope to find Obi and Fuggles spooning by the time I get home.

The new girl, Fuggles.

Obles, oh so sweet!

In other news, I went for a little hike up Mt. Agamenticus yesterday. What a beautiful view for such a short hike! I'd recommend it to anyone in the seacoast area.



Anonymous said...

Do you have a digital camera? Or are you taking these pics with your phone?

Kyle always spoke highly of that place...

Miss you!

brinki dink said...

The pics from Odiorn were from my camera phone. But, I'm borrowig a digi so I'm taking a bunch of pics lately. I just have to figure out how to get them out of the camera and onto the screen.

Miss you too, Lady.

Anonymous said...

Pretty kitties.

I love Mt. A! Must remember to get up there soon. I could see it distinctly from our whale watch boat last Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

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