Tuesday, July 19, 2005

directions to nowhere

It turns out the direction I thought I wanted to head in my work life is not going to work out this time around. I'm definitely a little disappointed. I had envisioned myself in a new, more challenging position, making a little bit more money. It's not my time though, I guess. Maybe I need more experience. It's an odd feeling for me, not getting something I want in this capacity. I've never, in my life, been rejected for a job. I've always got what I wanted and I guess I should be grateful that my success streak lasted as long as it did.

I'm left a little frustrated though. I need something to happen. I'm about to keel over with boredom some days. I've got too many spare hours during my work day. I'm not nearly working to my potential and that's at the heart of my discontent right now. I know I can do more and I'm frustrated that there appears to be no opportunity for me. I'm here, use me! I guess I'm fairly young in the scheme of things, but my age doesn't define my ability. I work hard and am constantly striving to learn more; in so doing I've worked myself bored. What does it take to move on? Do I have to sit stagnant for two more years to be 'promoted' to a new title, same job?

What to do?

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