Monday, July 18, 2005

homealone (and other randomata)

It's usually pretty crazy on a day to day basis where I live. Between people checking-in and out, friends dropping by, and all the other peeps that come and go at the Inn there's rarely a time when I'm home all alone. This weekend though was an exception. While the Inn was bumping with guests, my roommate was away as were many of my friends. I relished in time to lay on the couch uninterrupted, to spend alone time with my boyfriend, to clean and organize, and not have to deal with anyone but the cats messing shit up.

Did anyone watch the ESPY's last night? The Ashe Award winners were particularly noteworthy for me. I was so touched by the story of Jim MacClaren who was hit by a bus and lost his leg. He rehabilitated and went on to become an Ironman triathlete only to later be hit by a truck. Doctors told him he'd be a quadriplegic but he didn't listen. He went on to found the Challenged Athlete's Foundation. The other recipient of the award was Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah from Ghana who was born without a tibia. He became involved with the Challenged Athlete's Foundation and is doing everything in his power to help get the disabled in Ghana off the streets. I am so amazed and in awe at the courage, mental and physical strength, and sheer will power that these men possess. What an inspiration.

For anyone who might care, SportsCenter is going to be broadcasting from the great state of New Hampshire today. If you're lucky you might catch a glimpse of the Fishercats. Ha!

This weekend I visited my favorite beach. We'll call it Secret Beach (S.B) because its location is a secret to many locals. It's such a beautiful beach. The water was crystal clear, calm, and actually not freezing. One of the beauties of S.B. is that right over the hill behind it is double secret beach (D.S.B), an even more secluded and lovely place to hang out. The only bad thing about S.B is that the greenheads have emerged from their cocoons or whatever and they are HUNGRY. Unfortunately, they loved my legs and toes and back and arms. Next time I think I'm going to bring some deet.

Well, today's Monday. The start of another week. I'm tired from a lack of sleep last night. I think I'll drink another cup o' tea.



Leah said...

this boyfriend is a new development, is he not?
lovely to have a weekend "alone" when living with roomates, isn't it?
i too had little sleep last night and was just thinking about getting another cuppa.

brinki dink said...

hey girl! no, Zack's not a new development. we'll have been together a year in august. we had some issues earlier in the year and took a little break for a couple of months where we didn't like each other (or ourselves) very much, but things are really wonderful now. he's a gem. there are some pics of him around here somewhere.

it's getting close to the big day for you! are you excited or what?

Leah said...

glad to hear you're with a gem!
big day's a comin', indeed it is. excited, nervous and BUSY! but mostly excited...