Friday, August 05, 2005


The cats have acquired a nasty case of the fleas which grosses me out to no end. I thought I was being all responsible and I bought this super expensive 'earth friendly' flea killer to put on their necks, but the fleas have persisted. Nasty buggers. I want to bomb the place, but we've got a feral cat who is uncatchable and would probably be poisoned to death if we let one off. Damn cats.

This weekend is my lovely friend Britt's bachelorette party. Whoop! I'm psyched to run around Boston for a night. It's been way too long since I've been in the city.

Since I've paid off much of my computer, I thought it was a good idea to increase my debt just a smidge more and buy an mp3 player. Dudes, this thing is so cool. I've got a shit-ton of music uploaded into this baby already. This is revolutionizing my life as we speak. All music, all the time. I got one of those fm adapters so I can tune my player to a radio station. Whoa. Technology is so weird! I love it!

My orchid is dying. For Christmas last year Zack gave me a beautiful white and pink orchid that stretched to infinity, so graceful and light. I think I've just about killed it and I'm sad. I tried to give it sunlight, but I think it lived in darkness for too long and it's loosing it's precious leaves. Maybe I'll take it over to the flower shop to see if they can save her.

Well, I'm sure this post has pretty much bored everyone. I'll try to think of something more creative for next time.

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