Tuesday, August 09, 2005

what the fug?

As some of you may know, we've been cat sitting for the cutest cat in the world. Fuggles is a grey and white tabby with a round face and a little pink nose. She really is the cutest cat IN THE WORLD. It took her a long time to warm up to us. She didn't like the other cats at first and definitely didn't want to be messed with by imploring humans. She's a very naughty girl. There's a streak of irresistible mischief in her that compels her little paws to knock over every glass of water she finds. With one roll over her bunny belly in the air and bubble gum tongue sticking out her mouth, all is forgiven. She's come around now and has endeared herself to us more than iced chai with soy, which is saying a lot. She has a small squeaky mew that often sounds like a rickety door but which she uses like butter to grease the wheels of my heart. I'm telling you, it's irresistable.

Since the arrival and endearment of Fug, Obi has become a different man. He's an outside prowler now. He's lost all of his baby fat and now wears a more solemn expression of an serious bachelor. He has a secret life among the gardens and brush that I can only imagine. I've been wishing that Fuggles and Obi would fall in love, but I don't think it's going to happen. While they are definitely friendly, I'm not sure the chemistry is quite there. Perhaps it all went out the window the day Fuggles drew blood from Obi's nose. Maybe he feels inferior to her brave stance in the face of dogs. Whatever the case, I'm not holding out for grand-kittens (not that it's possible anatomically anyway). My little boy is all grown though, making his own decisions wandering the town. It's risky and I'm scared, but he seems to have come into his own.

And then, we've got the mystery that is Isabella still lingering in the humid fog of optical illusions. Nobody's seen her days, possibly weeks. Is she still living under the couch, hiding in the basement? Or, has she escaped to freedom without the persecution of humans? The enigma remains mysterious.

I guess I've rounded the corner and headed straight into the land of crazy cat lady.

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