Tuesday, September 06, 2005

ob la di, ob la da

There's something about a new baby that dissolves the world around you. My sister and brother-in-law were up visiting this weekend with their new little girl. Mommy and Daddy are doing such an awesome job with this new, totally huge responsibility. Abby, the babe, is the most beautiful little chunk I've ever seen. She really is a beautiful baby and she's just starting to form her own little personality. I could hold her 9 nine pounds of body and stare at those tiny finger nails and nostrils for hours. The weight of the world just lifts with a baby in your arms. It was easy to forget about my clogged sinuses and tired feet, my parents' crumbling relationship, and Zack's impending departure with the Red Cross. All the sadness and suffering that's going on in our country right now is overwhelming, paired with the political and corporate agendas that are running things I get lost in the moral and human vacuum. I wonder how she'll grow and who she will become. What will she achieve? How will she contribute? My prayers and hope are with her as the challenge to live a decent human life seems to be increasingly challenging with each day.

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