Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Man, I am all about boingboing these days. I recently came across their link to the photography of Martin Waugh. His Liquid Sculpture attracted my attention and boggled my imagination. He captures a beautiful second in time, where liquid meets liquid.

I was amazed by the shapes captured in these photos. They are so deliberate, so structured. I feel each has it's own unique purpose, it's own personality and desitnation.

Using different liquids with coloring produces different effects. I love the milk and cream photos. The stark contrast between the white milk and the dark milk produces bowl-like shapes. It looks as if they could be ceramic or glass.

Other images evoke emotion. The strength that each of these splashes possesses appears to be monumental in some of Waugh's photos. In others the delicate droplets flying off into space and the twirling disks of water look like graceful ballet dancers.

To see more of Waugh's photos visit his web site.

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