Friday, September 23, 2005

a butcher, a baker

An Engineer
A Teacher
A Humanitarian
A Chef
A Publisher
A Brewer
A Landscaper
A Social Worker
A Nurse
An Inkeeper
A Student
A Surfer
A Poet
A Banker

It's a really amazing feeling to look around a table or a room, to see so many accomplished young people, to know that they are friends. We are all so different in personality, politics, style, taste. When we come together though we are the same. Threads of respect, admiration and love weave through our relationships. Each of our relationships is unique, each connection differently formed and bonded. This group is powerful and positive. I am blessed to have such an amazing network of friends.

Please tell me that this type of community of caring exists in other places.


Leah said...

Hi Brink-Dink, I love your new banner... very calming, perhaps it will help ease some anxiety.
Isn't it great to realize a sense of community? this is one of the times i feel truly blissful: when so many align and come together and share and laugh. i am glad you have found it, and i have a sneaking hunch that these types of caring communities exist EVERYWHERE. come to Vancouver Island and i'll share you with my community which includes, but is not limited to:
- a writer
- a psychologist
- a teacher
- a philospoher
- many surfers
- a caregiver
- a house-painter
- a rock climber
- a veterinarian
- an accountant
- a variety of students
- an autobody man
- a bus driver
- a video-game artist
- and me, what am i? on the surface you could call me a writer/receptionist/student/vegetarian!

see you soon!

brinki dink said...

Awesome, Cibi. I will most certainly make it a point to visit Vancouver if/when I go west. Thanks for the reassurance about finding a new community of wonderful people. It's hard to imagine leaving all my friends in the near future, but knowing that a different but equally special community exists somewhere else is comforting.

I can't believe I forgot to include vegetarian on my list!

I WILL see you soon, girl!