Friday, September 23, 2005

Your the One Rose That's Left in My Heart

I can't concentrate today. Maybe it's because I got only 3 and a half hours of sleep last night. Maybe it's because my allergies have banded together and are trying to take over my nasal passage. I'm listening to Johnny Cash and imagining the open road.

Change is in the air right now. My anxiety level is high. I'm getting rid of as much stuff as I can. I'm thinking and wondering about my boyfriend in Mississippi, helping people, making connections. I'm wondering if our paths will continue in the same direction after the next month or so. I'm wondering where my path will lead.

I've been thinking about the desert lately. Does anyone out there have information, advice or recommendations of sweet communities in Arizona? I need to research, to soak in some of the cultural and personal changes that would come with such an upsweep.

I've realized over the past few months how lucky I am to live in such an awesome community. My friends are far reaching and near to my heart. There are so many opportunities here to bond, to get to know others, to share creatively. I have to live in a place where I can get an iced soy chai (and it won't be from Starfucks). I need writers and artists, I need outdoor enthusiasts and political activists. Do these people commune in Arizona?

If you were going to move to Arizona (and this is completely hypothetical) where would you live?

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