Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hi, Internerd!
Long time, so typey. So sorry! I have been busy, you see, very busy. When we last talked I had accepted the new job and was planning the move to AZ. Well, here I am!

Scottsdale is beautiful! Zack and I are living in a perfect little one bedroom. It's definitely a big change moving from the quaint streets of New England to the palm trees and cacti of Arizona. While I miss it intensly, there is a wide wonderful world to explore out here. Everything is SO BIG! The mountains, the sky, the canyons, the desert. It's breathtaking.

I've got a ton to share and it will all come out in time. I'm already on the road for my job and have a lot of traveling in front of me for the next few weeks. In the midst of learning a new job, unpacking, reveling in newfound bliss of my domestic partnership, and traversing the wild canyons of the southwest I will update my little blog with new pictures, stories, and words.

Much love to all the readers who haven't abandoned me just yet!


Leah said...

congrats, brinki. i am very excited for you as you revel in your new surroundings. may all the BIG things around you mean BIG things for your future...
it's good to know you're kicking...

Antonio Hicks said...

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