Tuesday, November 29, 2005

woman problems

I think I put Zack over the edge today when detailing all the trials and tribulations of my woman problems this month. It's hard though when your boyfriend is your only friend within a 1000 mile radius.

It's just that over the past few months I've been experiencing some severe PMS. I was in Bakersfield last night and, for those that haven't had the joy, it's not the nicest place to visit in CA. The hotel I was staying at was a shithole that reek like butts and had a rickety faucet. I went out in search of a grocery store or something for dinner that didn't come with french fries. What I found was a bail bonds store, a funeral parlor, a Frosty King, and about a million car dealerships. I came back to my hotel crying over my bad luck and even worse accommodations. I blame my intense emotional reaction on pms.

All day today my pants have been tight, my back aching, my head throbbing, and I can't seem to stop ingesting food either covered in mayonnaise or chocolate (and I normally hate mayo!). Sometimes it's just hard to be a woman.

So, I've also found that after 3 months of intensive traveling and working non-stop that I've been neglecting my body. I've been eating out way too often and not finding healthy alternatives nearly enough. Working out has become but a distant memory in my daily routine and I've been smoking butts like a champion. But, I've got one more week left of traveling after this one. Then, I'm working at home for the rest of the month. I'll be traveling home for one of those weeks so I guess I'm really only working from home for a week and a half. BUT, I've got to get on track in that week and a half. I want to get my healthy bod back!

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