Saturday, December 31, 2005

cream cake

For the New Year I decided to paint our living room, again. When we first moved into our apartment Zack and I were eager to paint the stark white walls that surrounded us. We choose blue for the living room and deeper more tealish blue for the dining room/office. I love the dining room but the living room didn't come out so great. The blue was a kind of icky sky blue and would have been much better suited in a little boy's nursery.

Since I have a few days off here and won't have another few days to myself until the end of May, I took the plunge-the Cream Cake plunge that is. I choose the color Cream Cake for it's soft yellow hue relaxing and open at the same time. It looks glorious in the paint bucket, just like a buttery batter. I almost want to lick it!

I started last night with the prep and the trim. We have really high ceilings in our apartment and so I was fully stretched out, standing on two stacked crates to reach the high areas of the wall. Well, low and behold, what do you know, I loose my balance. Me! Who'd have thunk it? So now in the hallway, there is a gigantic Cream Cake splotch on our new carpet.

Ironically, we got a notice the other day about our complex requiring residents to get renter's insurance. I think I'll strategically place a bookshelf where the unsightly and ever so inconvenient splotch of Cream Cake now lives.

Pictures to come...
(I'm sure you can't freaking wait!)

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