Sunday, January 01, 2006

2005, a Year in Review

Here are the first lines from the first entries of each month in 2005 (except for January as Brinki-Dink was born in February of 2005)

February: avenue b.
My name is Brinki, I'm 26 year's old.

March: neatnik
vacuum marks on carpet
like frosting on cake
are perfect ripples of simple pleasure

April: cat burglar
my cat, Obi, is not a graceful cat. he falls off banisters, beds, and laps frequently. it's really quite funny to see him proudly strutting along a window sill then suddenly loose his balance and tumble onto the floor

May 02: nip
it’s 11:07 and the cat is attuned
to the whistling wink of the harvest moon.
flickering for ages on fireflies’ eyes

June 01: in through the out door
the sun seems to be making an appearance so that's nice, even if i only get to experience it through glass. only 8 more days until i leave for Bonnaroo! damn, this girl needs a vacation badly.

July 01: independence day
My internet at home is slooowww, so I'll post my Independence Day wishes today. I'll be bbq'ing in Maine under the stars, next to the cows.

August 01: baby I've got your money
I'm so happy to report to you, dear reader, that my site meter busted the 1,000 original hits mark. Sweet ass!

September 01: dreaming tree
I've been having the most vivid dreams this week and they all seem to be connected in some way. Last night I dreamt that I was a fugitive of sorts. I was on the run, escaping with a girlfriend who was in cahoots with me.

October 03: smashing my internal odometer
There is so much to do and to consider right now I am certainly feeling overwhelmed. Finding a super-lovely-safe-pretty apartment in a city three thousand miles away is not easy.

November 08: untitled
Hi, Internerd!Long time, so typey. So sorry! I have been busy, you see, very busy. When we last talked I had accepted the new job and was planning the move to AZ. Well, here I am!
(nice typo, eh? i left that in for authenticity)

December 03: Squeaky Squeaky
I love Saturday mornings. I love getting up with only personal tasks on my agenda. The sun is shining brilliantly today (as it usually does in AZ) and as I breathed in the fresh crisp air this morning I set my sights on cleaning.

Well, there they are. They certainly aren't from the most interesting, emotionally bare or thought provoking entries of the year, but they are me.

Happy New Year!

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Leah said...

I like it. A great sampling of your year - it comes together poetic-like...