Monday, January 09, 2006

home again, home again, jiggidy jig

It's nice to be home after a very long week in San Fran. At my first large company meeting I felt myself running the gamut of emotions. At one point I was high on life, wheeling and dealing, ready for anything. At other points I found myself doubting career choices, my ability to make friends, my personality! It's odd what happens to people when they are stuck in a large group environment for a prolonged period of time.

The thing that struck me as being the most odd was that we were required to have roommates. I've never heard of a company that makes it's employees share living quarters for a week. While I guess it's a good way to get to know someone, it leaves one with absolutely no time alone to reflect, call home, or take a dump.

It was nice though to get to know so many people and I am reassured that I'm working for a great company alongside great people. Oh it was nice though to sleep in my own bed last night curled up in my boyfriend's arms. Today I've enjoyed a full day of solitude to catch up on work and prepare for the next season.

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