Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Is that a blue raspberry candy on your eyelid?

Last night, sitting bored in my Tucson hotel room, I caught an episode of the bachelor. Now, I know I resigned myself to not watching TV but I was so tired I really didn't have the energy for Chaucer or Shelley. I used to love The bachelor back in the day. I loved the spats between 20 females vying to one man's attention. I bathed in the delusions these women had, each feeling like they were making great connections, never doubting the fact that they were dating a man who was dating 20 other women. I especially loved the episodes where the guy would make out with like 5 different women in 5 different hot tubs. Ha!

I'm here to report that not much has changed in the show. This season the bachelor is a looker, a doctor, and falling madly for many women at one time. I sat through the episode perturbed. Not because of the absence self-esteem, the petty bickering and backstabbing, or even the fundamental backwards leap these women have taken by submitting to this absurd situation. My feminist sensibilities took a back seat to the sheer amount of bright blue eyeshadow present on the scene. Since when did it become acceptable to wear neon blue eyeliner? Each and every single woman on last night's episode was wearing atrocious blue eyeshadow.

Some women in some circumstances can pull it off. A small town brunette beauty queen cannot. Seriously, everyone wore it all the time. It was weird and I have to say, if these are the kind of people The Bachelor is going to put on their show I may just have to cross it off my list.

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