Wednesday, January 11, 2006

tempe town

Since moving to Scottsdale, AZ a few months ago, I have to admit I've been living in a social vacuum. Between my borderline obsessive work schedule and my empty pockets, I haven't had a whole ton of interaction with people here. Z and I were on the edge of meltdown yesterday as our boredom levels hit record highs. There's only so much sitting in front of the laptop/tv a person can take before he or she hits rock bottom.

We decided to venture out with our few friends and explore Tempe. It's a college town, home of ASU. And as such, it's crawling with young'ens. I was so happy though to see the main street all lit up, lined by hip shops, bars and restaurants. I even saw a few hippies in dreadlocks and hemp necklaces wandering around. We found ourselves at a bar called The Big Bang, where young peeps at dueling pianos rocked out to a wide variety of tunes. It was interesting to note the male to female ratio there as well. It had to be at least 3 or 4 males to each female. Now that's what I'm talking about.

Of course I was the designated driver so I didn't get to have as much fun as the boys. I've always taken the position of DD very seriously. I feel like I have a responsibility to get my wasted friends home safe and sound when they depend on me. Here though, there is an entirely different level to the issue. The level of the law. It's standard in this area to serve at least 3 days in jail for DWI--even for the first offense. Normally, I would say that drunk driving is a serious offense and that it does deserve a hefty penalty. But, when cops start setting up road blocks and pulling every Joe Schmoe over just looking for someone with a little alcohol on their breath, I have to say it's unfair.

Well that was a random post. Let this be the day though that I resolve to get out more. Socialization is so important. I've got to come out of my shell, my safe little hole of an apartment, and find me some friends.

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Leah said...

We moved to a small, sleepy, sort-of retirement town last year. At first I loved the quiet at all times of day! And no street lights! Look at the stars!
After a few months had gone by I realized how much I missed even just being able to go for a walk down a neighbourhood street in the evening, without the risk of being run down by a car who couldn't see me because of no street lights. There is one cafe open until 8 pm, and after that it's lights out for this town.
When we want some night action we drive into Victoria, about 40 minutes away, and revel at all the people and cars and lights!
Slowly we are breaking into this community, and I hope to make a few more connections soon. I see young people walking by my house every so often - what do they do in the evenings?
So, all this to say, good luck to you, B, I know it's hard to start out in a new place...