Friday, January 13, 2006

warewolves are dandy, like candy

Happy Friday the 13th ya'll! The moon is full and I'm feeling random.

Here are some tidbits from my life:

1. I measured PingPong today and found that his shell is 7 inches long and 4 inches across. When he extends his neck and legs full-out he's probably 10 inches. One day when I'm rich enough to build my dreamhouse (mod-renovated barn compound) I will build an indoor pond for my turtle. There will bask in the sunlight, eat exotic plants, chase fish, and wiggle his little tail off.

2. I bought Kite Runner today at the ASU booksore. 25% of all best sellers so I got it. I've been needing an interesting story after reading this Jodi Picoult novel my mom gave me. I don't know if it was just the one I read, but I found it kind of dull and predictable.

3. My car thermometer said it was 82 degrees today. Bright and sunny, gotta love it!

4. Did anyone watch the PBS Frontline special this week called Country Boys. It was a three part documentary about the lives of two guys growing up in a Kenucky holler. It was so beautifully done, the images were true to life and to the story but they echoed a glimpse into the heritage and heart of Appalachia. You can watch all 6 hours online. I would totally recommend it if you've got some serious time to kill.

5. It's national de-lurking month. I don't get very much traffic but I do get some which means somebody out there is reading this. I don't necessarily believe in he whole 'lurking' concept. Who said anybody had to comment on blogs they read? I mean this is the blogosphere right? We do what we want.

Anyway, if you want to shout out to your homeslice do it yo.

(this is not a link, this has been a test of the emergency link broadcast system, this is only a test. seriously though show me some love)


Anonymous said...

I read, B :)

Randa said...

Hi there! I found you through ciboulette. Nice to be called out!

Have a fun day today :)