Thursday, March 02, 2006

this one's for jaclyn

I thought I'd write a post today about friends. Since I've moved to AZ making friends hasn't been at the top of my to-do list. As we get older our notion of self evolves. Our beliefs, morals, and interests become more well defined and definite. It seems too that we become more discerning about the people we allow into our lives.

There have been two periods in my life, in particular, where my blessings in the friendship department have been overflowing. The first was my freshman and sophomore year of college. It was an exploratory time for me. I immersed myself in philosophy, Phish, and partying. I fell into a group of friends there who were testing the limits of convention, of academics, of sobriety, of music, of love. My sisters there helped me to understand those things that make me who I am today. They are still a part of my everyday life, even though we are all separated geographically, and that I a wonderful thing.

The second time I felt totally safe and surrounded by my friends was during my time in Portsmouth. It was the first time in my adult life where I found balance between my social and professional life. I realized that it's possible to have dinner and barbecues and beers and beaches all in addition to a career. It was during this time where I formed many of the goals I'm still working towards. I also came to realize that friendship is something sacred and important and life-changing.

So I guess this has turned into a little thank you for all the brothers and sisters who have helped me figure out what I want and who continue to challenge and inspire me everyday.


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