Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I played tennis tonight and sucked ass. Sometimes I'm good at tennis. I don't hit anything over the fence, things land in the appropriate places, I'm fast as lightening. Other times my feet are lead and my arms are jello. This is more mental and motivational than it is anything physical.

Lately I've realized that my mental state and attitude can totally alter my performance in life. The challenge then becomes figuring out how to harness that energy in a consistent way so as to continually evolve and grow like a bean stalk into a glorious future.

Z and I recently watched the documentary '911:In Plane Sight'. I have to admit upfront that I fell asleep halfway through. It suggests that a Boeing 747 aircraft did not actually collide with the outer wall of the Pentagon. If all the evidence they're presenting is scientifically and factually correct, then I'd certainly give some thought to the ideas presented. They go so far as to say that the planes that crashed into the WTC were not, in fact, commercial jets but that they were perhaps US military planes. I don't know if these theories have any merit, but they did get me thinking 9/11 vividly again. Is it me, or is the frequency catastrophic disasters-both man-made and natural increasing?

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