Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I've got another week and half left of traveling for work before my summer begins. Sure, I'll be doing work at home, following-up, working on summer projects but I won't be on the road alone. I love traveling, I love seeing new places and finding favorites to revisit in the future. It's just rough being alone so much. I find myself talking to myself even more often than I do when I'm at home and that sort of scares me.

I'll be doing quite a bit more traveling this summer though it will be for fun! Two of my bestest girlfriends and I are road-tripping it cross-country for a couple of weeks. We'll be spending most of our time in the Northwest so if ya'll have any suggestions for must-sees, holla at your girl.

My violin is cracking. It's so dry out here and my old fiddle is so, well, old. I need to get a little violin humidifier asap. Betcha didn't know there was such thing as a violin humidifier, eh? I'm full of surprises.

I betcha also didn't know that I was once in 4-H. I've been thinking about my experiences on the dairy farm with fondness lately. I miss being so involved with animals. I actually miss mucking stalls and scraping the manure out of my holstein's dirty hooves. I feel so far away from anything living in Scottsdale. It seems like even the people are fake, made of plastic and so far away from the earth it's scarey.

Lord, my eyebrows used to look like caterpillars!


Leah said...

A couple things:
1) great picture!
2) what does 4-H stand for (i've been arguing about this with friends lately)
3) If you head North-Northwest you might want to check out my neck of the woods on Vancouver Island! If not, you'll have to take a boo at Pacific City in Oregon - one of my favourite spots...

Anonymous said...

my eyebrows used to look like catapillers too!

come visit me!!!!!!!!!!!!!