Monday, May 08, 2006


There are not enough hammocks in the state of Arizona. It's probably due to the lack of trees. Cacti are tall but not very sturdy. While they can range from about 15 to feet in height, their root systems are as shallow as they come. I certainly wouldn't want to temp the 1 ton weight of a juicy cactus while napping in the Arizona sunshine. Saguaros are also quite prickly (duh) and not as easy to cosy-up to as a big oak tree.

These have quickly become my most favorite of all the cacti around here. It's probably because they are the most dramatic, and we all know I'm a sucker for the drama when it comes to nature. One of the coolest things about these giant plants is that they bloom at night. I have just recently come to find this out now that it's Spring and cacti are sprouting weird nodule out the tops of their heads and arms.

In my feeble attempt to find a picture on the interweb of a hammock strung between cacti, I found that the Cactus Hammock is actually a type of butterfly. Learn something new everyday!

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