Monday, May 15, 2006

take, take, take me home

The continuous churning of the escalator, the waves of travelers rushing to fetch their bags, the cart stand, Starbucks, and signage. I'm about to call the airport home. In the past two weeks I've spent time at Phoenix, Bakersfield, Santa Barbara, LA, and Boston airports. Currently, I'm stranded at Logan.

I spent the weekend in NH visiting friends, living a life a I cherish more and more every day. I forgot what it feels like to be in a house full of people you absolutely adore. There is nothing I like more than being completely surrounded by the people with whom I am most at home.

It rained all weekend, there was not a dry moment to be had. Apparently it's been raining here for days and days. The flood waters are rising rapidly and there's no end in sight. It was a trip this morning, coming into Boston and seeing so many roads washed out, fields turned into lakes and rivers out of control and exponentially large.

I guess missing my flight this morning and being trapped at the airport for 8 hours isn't such a travesty after all. At least my home is warm and dry, albeit a little too warm and dry (current temperature is 101), but safe and in tact nonetheless. My prayers are going out to all the displaced people and the homeowners carrying bucketloads of water out of their basements!

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