Sunday, July 30, 2006

pushing the limits in...

I'm back and in one piece. The cross-country journey was an amazing experience full of sisterhood, big mountains, crystal clear lakes, reuniting with the best of friends, pushing the limits, great music, and belly laughs each and every day.

It's a bit overwhelming to think about catching-up on a month's worth of posts. Every day we were somewhere new, doing something wonderful. I think the stories will come out with time. To get back into the swing of things though, I think I'll post a list with some random details for your reading pleasure.

Type of Car Driven: Hyundai Sonata, nicknamed Blue "the skunk" Bertha


Bodies of Water that were played-in: Lake Pepin, Upper Taylor River, Jackson Lake, Pacific Ocean, Puget Sound, Lake Tahoe, Truckee River

Most Beautiful Camping: Coulter Bay, Teton NP

Animals Encountered (abbreviated list): prairie Dogs, Wild Donkeys, Fuzzy-horned Deer, Wild Goats, Buffalo, Elk, Antelope, Chipmunks, Voles, Squirrels, Grouse, Tanagers, Pancake Chiuaua

Interesting Beers Consumed (this could merit a post in itself): Summit Extra Pale Ale, Odell's 90 Shilling, 5 Barrel, and Levity, Town Pump Ale, New Belgium Skinny Dip, Fat Tire, Blue Paddle, Trippel, Snake River Pale Ale, Jackson's ESB, Indian Paintbrush, Fish Tale Organic IPA, Fish Tale Blonde, Deschutes Mirror Pond

Number of Nights in a Hotel: 1 in Boise, ID

National/State Parks Visited: Badlands, Custer, Gunnison, Teton, Quinalt, Lassen Volcanic

Sketchiest Camp Site Visited: Sleepy Hollow Campground in Wall, SD

Number of Concerts Attended: 2

Number of Songs Listened to in the Car: Too numerous to count!

Highest Price Paid for Gas: $2.53 in Nowheresville, CA

Best Burrito: Aberdeen, WA

Strangest Peoplewatching: Shasta, CA

Friendliest Town: Winona, MN ;)

Town to which I'd Most Like to Move: Crested Butte, CO

There, in list format, is a brief synopsis of the trip. A few photos, if you will:

More to come...

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Leah said...

wow! sounds like an amazing trip --- can't wait to hear all about it.
glad to have you back...