Wednesday, August 02, 2006

paper heart

I've finally found it! It took me 9 months of living here and bitching about how young people in this area are vapid and fake to realize that not everyone in Phoenix and the surrounding vicinity is an asshole.

Last night I went to the greatest arts venue I've seen in a long time, The Paper Heart. The ceilings are blood red, the main hall is decked with comfy couches, and the walls are plastered with local art. Every Tuesday night is Paint: Music, Art, and Spoken Expression. It's all going on at the same time and it's totally open to anyone who's interested in participating.

It was so refreshing to be in a place here where people looked like individuals. There, it didn't seem to be about what kind of handbag a woman carried or what kind of car her man was driving. I didn't even spy a set of fake titties in the joint and that's saying a lot for this area. The mc introduces each open mic reader with such care and the audience is complimentary and supportive. And they have a bar! I'm sold. Next week, I've promised myself, I will read something, something new!

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