Monday, August 14, 2006

cafe a la glace

I thought reader(s) might be interested to know that brinki-dink is back on the coffee. Back around the time when this blog was first conceived, I stopped drinking coffee. It was a tough transition but I'm a lover of all things tea and so the effort to nix coffee was padded with the sweet caffeine buzz of earl grey.

Lately though, I've found myself gravitating back to coffee. This morning I actually made a pot of Starkbucks Yukon blend and I'm hastily working my way through it. I know I can't keep this up for too long as I can already feel my body rebelling against me. It's fun though to indulge in iced french vanilla and the coveted triple skim latte. Le sigh.

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Anonymous said...

yeah i am the same, i have made the transitions too but my body and mind scream for caffine. in fact i have a freshly brewed cup of earl grey sitting in front of me right now. how bout that. miss you.