Monday, August 07, 2006

Trampled by Fat Fest, the Minnesota Story

Winona, Minnesota...who would have thought this tiny little town in the south eastern land of many lakes would capture my heart so. Upon arrival, my girls and I weren't quite sure what to think. We rolled up to Fat Fest and found ourselves in the backyard of a bar where two colorfully decorated stages flanked the big lawn.

After we set-up camp, had some dinner, and warmed up our instruments we got down to some excellent music. The highlight musically, for me, was definitely this lovely bluegrass band called Trampled by Turtles (check out their web site, you can listen to songs online). Seriously, they had me at the name. But, even more so with their tight licks and kick-ass, toe-tappin' newgrass jams.

I twirled my buns off! It was fabulous, and so nice to be in a festival environment with such friendly, considerate hippie-folk. People actually thanked us for coming, they laughed and danced without airs of trustifarian snobbery, they welcomed us to the late night campfire where we joined in the jam session on the skin flute and catanets. And, the best part of all...I didn't spot one spun wookie zonked out among the group.

Here's a picture of us ladies, after we stormed the stage...take note of the crazy-eyed tree in the background. The stage design at this place was no joke.

It was with teary eyes and a full heart that we left the little town of Winona, MN. I extend my deepest gratitude to the native Minnesotans who certainly know how to have a fabulous time with excellent music and even more excellent company. Fat Fest 2007, here we come!

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Leah said...

What were you doing up on the stage? Playing music?
Sounds like a great time. I have been lax in my festival-going in the past few years, but you are inspiring me with all of your stories!