Thursday, December 28, 2006

My Christmas Vacation

Today is my last day in DC and I strategically sent my Mom and my Gram to the spa so I have a few luxurious hours to spend sans familia. It's amazing the kind of perspective and gratitude you gain for having time to yourself after being surrounded by family 24/7 or, in my case, 24/10!

It's been a lovely visit actually. I got to see so many members of my gloriously large family whom I haven't connected with in years. It was a pleasure to hang with my Grandad who is 92 and still driving his big green Cadillac all over tarnation. He is such an inspiration to me, the man has 4 degrees including a doctorate of law. After serving in a war, raising a family with unconditional love for his wife, and building a very successful real estate empire he also went on found 22 parks and an enormous network of bike paths here. He's such an inspiration.

Spending time with my Gram has been uplifting as well. She is so beautiful and wicked funny. My Gram was the ultimate domestic goddess in her day. A thin, stylish woman, smart as a whip and able to throw the most amazing cocktail parties and dinner soirees. I loved hearing stories about my Swedish heritage and insanely unappetizing things my Gram would make for holidays like Jellied Veal, Lutefisk, Fruit Soup and Seafood in Aspic. What is it with Swedes putting meat into jello?

Another highlight of this trip was finally meeting the lovely Ms.123Valerie in person. Val is the newest addition to the DC sisterhood, a group of my dearest girlfriends. She is so beautiful in person with crystalline skin and the most gorgeous red curly hair. She's also so charming and funny and generous. I knew she'd be wonderful and I'm so glad to have had the good fortune to hang out with the girl. If you haven't checked out her blog, do so now. Amongst everything else, Val is a great writer.

So, after spending a week teasing my brother, lounging with my mom and catching up with my extended family, I just about ready to go back home to the desert. I miss my turtle and my bed. It's been a lovely visit out here and a good reminder that there is a very large, very boisterous clan of folk out here with whom I am inextricably connected. And that's a very comforting feeling.


Anonymous said...

Aw, shucks, B. You're making me blush. It's ruining my crystalline skin.

You're too much! I already can't wait to see you again :)

Anonymous said...

your grandpap sounds super awesome. wow what an inspiration him and your grandmother must be. but alas, you are wicked cool how could you have uncool grandparents. old people are cool. glad you and 123 got to meet! you two are the coolest girls that i knew and never met until i did. ya know. love you two! VAL AND BRITA ARE COOL. CONGRATS GLYNNIS!