Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Play Nice

At Sky Harbor, wearing my favorite travel shirt.

play nice

...to remind myself as much as others.

Funny, I ran into my airport arch nemesis the other day. Actually, it wasn't that much of a coincidence as I often travel through this gate at this terminal. She works at Starbucks and doesn't seem to benefit from the caffeine high that so many Bucks employees exude at the register. This women is rather mean (and I can't totally blame her I would be too if I worked in the airport Starbucks). But, damn! Last week, I bought a chai and a water from her. She didn't see the water and so had to charge me separately for it. No problemo.

The problem happened when she was counting out change from my first transaction and because I had given her some change, she was all confused about how much to give back to me and so she sat counting the change in her hand for a minute before realizing that what I gave her amounted to her changing me a whole dollar. This dollar was supposed to be in addition to $5 change. Well, she swore that she had given me the $5 even though she hadn't. So, in total, I ended up spending about $12 on a chai and a bottle of water. Argh.

The other day though, as I approached the counter, this time to order an iced tea lemonade, I looked down at my wee chest and took it's message to heart. I even gave Ol' County McFrownerson a tip, reminding myself that good things happen to good people.

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amy said...

Ol' County McFrownerson. You're so funny.

I'm with ya, we should all play nice!